Going Nowhere

by Robbie

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Going Nowhere is an instrumental done by Chloe Martini inspired by the Hit Song Climax by Usher. Chloe Martini is a brilliant producer and when I got to hear this track, I was inspired to write this song


Where are you now,
I cant feel you
Why are you so far away from me,
You said if I call then
you will answer
This part of the story just aint for me

Im watching
Im moving
Praying that its all in your plans
Im getting
Into it
I place my life in your hands

Ive been walking on these streets for far too long
Blind but in your arms where I cant go wrong

Where are you Now?
Going Nowhere fast.
Going Nowhere
Going Nowhere fast.

Trying to find me on the Maps App
Turn left at the Junction
Ukiona gate ya Red (If you see a Red Gate)
Umepotea (You are lost)
Turn back to the junction

Isn't this how life can be
Following people who really can't see,
Relationships that don't have vision
I think the universe is on a mission
To get me lost, Get me worldly
Loose my Time, Feel a little ugly,
Get me tired of waking up early,
Multitask do things in a Hurry

I cant recall the last time I thought about the future
Bila Worry (Without worrying)
I know its time prophetic people rose up
Build up and tarry



released December 7, 2015
Chloe Martini




Robbie. Nairobi, Kenya

I do Cosmic Music. Music From the Cryptogram of the Superlative Arcadia aka Heaven

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